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Sotiva® oil 10%

Hemp oil seeds extracted with supercritical CO2 method, full spectrum to maintain a wide range of beneficial substances and quality. The seeds are harvested by hand and dried naturally. The colvation comes from the subalpine region in Slovenia. Contains only natural substances, without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

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Supercritical extraction is an important separation technique with which the material to be extracted is subjected to high pressure in the presence of a gas, carbon dioxide, CO2. Extraction with supercritical fluids is a Green Technology that guarantees environmental sustainability to the process and a high degree of quality and purity of the extracted product. It is a clean, selective technology and represents a valid alternative to common extraction with solvents. Cosmetic product.

Active substances: 100% Hemp Oil (Canapa sativa L.).
Method and time of consumption: 5 drops during the day of pure Hemp oil.

35 Items

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Bottle of 10 ml