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Ingredients: 100% sea water. It does not contain: parabens, gluten and lactose. Not tested on animals.

Dilutions and uses: To obtain diluted or isotonic sea water, pour 1 part of pure sea water (hypertonic), in 3 parts of mineral water. By doing this, an isotonic drink is obtained, i.e. a drink that contains a percentage of solutes similar to that of our plasma.

It is by far the best cooking salt. It is the magic potion for obtaining the best mineral water. (HYPERTONIC)

It is the best mouthwash, disinfects mouth wounds. (HYPERTONIC)

It is the best laxative and purgative. (HYPERTONIC)

It is an excellent digestive, it fights stomach acid. (ISOTONIC)

Washes and disinfects fruit and vegetables perfectly. (HYPERTONIC)

It is the best cellular nutrient. (ISOTONIC)

It is an excellent tonic. (ISOTONIC)

Regulate your weight as it calms your appetite. (ISOTONIC)

Nasal washings. (ISOTONIC)

Natural supplement for athletes. (ISOTONIC)

2 Items

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