Lipolysar long action
    • Lipolysar long action

    Lipolysar long action

    Lipolysar Long Action: one capsule, a concentration of only 2.16 mg of monacolins, effective in just 4 weeks.

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    Active substances: Monascus purpureus dry extract 270 mg, Vitis vinifera seed dry extract 90 mg (total monacolin for capsules 2,16 mg).

    To know: it is a natural product based on an extract from a Chinese mushroom, Monascus purpureus, and Grape seed extract (Vitis vinifera). The Monascus extracts are known to contain natural substances statin-like, called monacolins, which have an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiplatelet effect. Through the synergic action of its components it was possible to reduce the amount of monakolins and nevertheless to keep the efficacy of the preparation: Lipolysar Long Action presents a daily dose of only 2.16 mg of monacolins, with an efficacy 15-20 times greater than statins. Moreover, thanks to the presence of Grape (Vitis vinifera)extract, with its antioxidant and protective effect on the walls of our arteries, it preserves the circulatory system and prevents the risks coming from hypercholesterolaemia. Lipolysar Long Action, compared to other Monascus extracts, acts quickly: generally only one month of treatment is usually successful against 2 to 3 months normally required.

    Method and time of comsumption: 1 capsule in the evening.

    Warnings and Precautions: do not associate with cholesterol-lowering drugs containing statins. Please do not use during pregnancy and lactation.

    15 Items

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    45 capsules of 460 mg