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Camu Zinc
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Camu Zinc

It combines the effect of Zinc on the immune system with the antioxidant power of Camu Camu, especially to grant your child all the defenses he needs.

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Active substances: Camu Camu (Myrciaria dubia) dry extract 150 mg, Zinc gluconate 2 mg.

To know: in Camu Zinc the extraordinary antioxidant properties of Camu Camu  is supported by the presence of Zinc gluconate. Zinc is an essential element for our body.  Any zinc deficiency is mainly reflected by a dysfunction of the immune system which becomes weak and unable to adequately face the external insults of the everyday life. Furthermore, the association with Camu Camu, in addition to immune function support, allows also an effective defense against free radicals and the damages these can produce on cell system. Camu Zinc can therefore be defined a product very effective in protecting the body both from external agents and  from harmful internal reactions. It is also very reliable in treatment and prevention of children colds.

Method and time of comsumption: adults: 6 tablets per day. Children: 4 tablets per day.

22 Items

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90 tablets of 500 mg