• Nidiur


    To protect and keep full functionality of liver and kidneys.

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    Active substances: Phyllanthus niruri dry extract standardized to 15% in lignans 120 mg, Gentiana lutea dry extract 120 mg, Phyllanthus amarus dry extract standardized 3% in phyllantine 60 mg.

    To Know: Nidiur is a product made with Phyllanthus niruri, Phyllanthus amarus and Gentian lutea, which have a detoxifying effect for our body. It works at level of liver and kidney functions by regulating the liquid balance inside the body and eliminating the excess. Nidiur is, moreover, an important regulator of diuresis effect that, unlike other natural or allopathic preparations, is active in a delayed manner (after about 8 hours). This allows its intake before going to bed to avoid sleep disturbances and frequent awakenings caused by the need to go to toilet. Its features make Nidiur a safe and effective preparationin case of liver overload, giving in its turn digestive trouble, swelling and heaviness in the lower limbs and the need of help for urinary function.

    Other uses: protective action on liver in case of damages caused by viruses, toxins and dietary imbalances, help in case of swelling and feeling of heaviness in legs, a tool for liquid excess elimination.

    Method and time of comsumption: 1-2 capsule before the main meal.

    Warnings and Precautions: not recommended for use during pregnancy, lactation and in case of impaired renal function.

    41 Items

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    60 capsules of 400 mg