Citoyang® Echinacea

Citoyang® Echinacea is used to support the body's natural defenses, the functionality of the upper respiratory tract and also the functionality of the urinary tract.

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The peculiarity of the Citoyang Line is the innovative preparation technique obtained after years of experimentation. It consists of 12 "smart" products that communicate with the immune system.

Active substances: Hydroglyceric extract of Echinacea in D: E 1: 2 ratio (water, stabilizer: glycerol, Echinacea angustifolia DC root), Hydroglycero-alcoholic extract of black currant (water, stabilizer: glycerol, alcohol, Ribes nigrum L. buds 2%).

Method of consumption: 10 drops are recommended several times a day up to a maximum of 2 g (55 drops), diluted in a glass of water.

48 Items

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