Rhodiola 5
    • Rhodiola 5

    Rhodiola 5

    The adaptogen that reduces the body's response to stressful events, enhancing the neuro-cognitive sphere.

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    Active substances: Rhodiola rosea dry extract standardized in rosavine 5% 150 mg.

    To know: the surprising properties attributed by the Russian folk tradition to the "golden root", now identified with the species Rhodiola rosea, have been confirmed by scientific research. Experimental results emphasized that Rhodiola roseawas much more than a simple adaptogen, by virtue of the therapeutic efficacy shown in many areas. Many studies highlight the protective effect of Rhodiola on stressful events, such as cold and fatigue. Rhodiola supplements increase learning and memory. It has positive effects on mood by acting as an antidepressant substance and a sedative for anxiety. Rhodiola rosea proposed by Renaco, R.I. Group, is standardized in Rosavine 5%.

    Other  uses: particularly indicated in cases of intellectual overwork, students: intense periods of study. Premenstrual syndrome.

    Method and time of comsumption: 3 capsules per day.


    76 Items

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    60 capsules of 300 mg