• Alkadren


    In order to maintain the acid-base balance and purify the body.

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    Alkadren is natural product containing Zinc which contributes to the physiological acid-base metabolism, Magnesium to the electrolyte balance and Calcium to the energetic metabolism. Plant extracts of Nettle and Chlorella promote depurative functions, Equisetum the liquid body drainage , Curcuma the hepatic functions and Coriander carries out an antioxidant action.

    Active substances: Magnesium 66 mg, Lithotamnion 61 mg of which Calcium 20 mg, Sodium 11 mg, Nettle dry extract 50 mg  of which Silica 1 mg, Equisetum dry extract 40 mg of which Silica 1 mg, Potassium carbonate 32 mg, Chlorella 26 mg, Curcuma 20 mg of which curcuminoids 19mg, Coriander dry extract 20 mg, Zinc 1 mg.

    Method and time of consumption:  6 capsules per day – away from meal times.

    52 Items

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    Jar containing 120 capsules - 500 gr.