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Polyporus umbellatus is a fungi widely spread through the northern and temperate areas of Europe and Asia. Has recognized therapeutical action in the support for the human natural defenses, besides to act on the Lymphatic System by favoring drainage.

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Active substance: Polyporus umbellatus extract 250 mg (titrated at 30% polysaccharides).

To know: Polyporus umbellatus is recognized and appreciated for being a physiological “potassium saver” and for this reason its therapeutical importance is closely related to districts most concerned and involved by presence of potassium (Renal, Circulatory, Muscular, Nervous and Osseous System). It besides performs and antioxidant action by decreasing risks of degenerative processes related to free radicals. Particularly, it is suggested for the improvement of the Renal and Lymphatic functionality and the re-balance of the cardio-vascular one.

Method and time of consumption: for a correct usage it is suggested an intake of 2 capsules during the day.

94 Items

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60 capsules of 350 mg