Reayang 3R
    • Reayang 3R

    Reayang 3R

    The mixture keeps under control the functionality of the Kidney - Bladder meridian in the case of acute or chronic disorders of the immune system and the balance of liquids.

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    Active substances: in 50 drops: Punica granatum L. fluid extract 58 mg; Morus Alba L. fluid extract 29 mg; Berberis Vulgaris L. fluid extract 23 mg;*Citrus aurantium L. Subsp. Bitter fluid extract 19 mg; Eucalyptus globulus Labill.fluid extract 19 mg. *Titrated 0,05% in Synephrine.

    To know: in the context of a complex and articulated therapy, the therapeutic use of the plant complex is useful to facilitate the basic adjustments in all skin diseases.It promotes toxin drainage.

    Other uses: It promotes recovery in case of chronic fatigue even after prolonged allopathic treatment.

    Method and time of comsumption: start treatment with 10 drops morning and evening. Depending on the therapeutic response, it is possible to increase the 10 drops dose 3 to 5 times. It must be always applied in a context of an articulated cure of the specific disease.

    Advise: bind the prescription of the remedy to a standard diet according to the specific blood group for a proper hygiene of daily life.

    46 Items

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