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INCANTO VERDE of  Mrs. Anna Polci is aware of the importance to grant security of private information which acquaints in the moment in which the user visits her web site. Since it is precise objective  of INCANTO VERDE of  Mrs. Anna Polci to care privacy of her users, we hereby point out which data will be  stored and the guidelines  followed by  INCANTO VERDE of  Mrs. Anna Polci on privacy.  

Information regarding the protection of personal data. – Art.13 Decreto Legislativo 30 Maggio 2003 n. 196.

Pursuant to article 13 of Decreto Legislativo  May 30th,  2003 n.196: << Code for protection of Personal Information >> (hereinafter mentioned as CODE), INCANTO VERDE of  Mrs. Anna Polci based in Via Ponte di Pietra 3 – 31035 Crocetta del Montello (TV) – Italia, as owner, is required to provide users connecting to ( regardless of the purpose of the link) some information relative to the personal data treatment carried out there.

Present document, constitutes the “ privacy policy” (subject in the future to any appropriate updating) of this web site.

For the purposes of this Directive,  the following definitions shall apply to:

TREATMENT: each operation or group of operations, also carried out without electronic devices, concerning the collection, registration, organization, conservation, consultation, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, usage, interconnection, block, communication, diffusion, cancellation and data destruction, even if not registered into a database;

PERSONAL DATA: each information referred to an individual or  legal person, corporation or association, identified or identifiable, also indirectly, by reference to any other information, including a personal identification number;

IDENTIFICATION DATA: identification data, personal data which allow direct identification of the concerned person;

ALMOST SENSITIVE DATA: Personal data different from sensible and judicial ones, which treatment can lead to specific risks for fundamental rights and freedom, as well as to the dignity of the concerned person, depending on the nature of data or to the treatment modality or to the effects that might result;

SENSIBLE DATA: sensible data disclosing racial and ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, politic opinion, membership in political parties, trade unions, associations or religious, philosophical or trade union organizations, as well as personal data revealing physical status and sexual life;

 ANONYMOUS DATA: the information which in origin, or following the treatment, cannot be associated to any identified or identifiable concerned individual;

OWNER: the individual person, the legal person, the public administration and any other authority, association or organism to which compete decisions referred to the finality and to the personal data treatment, including the security profile;

RESPONSIBLE: the individual person, the legal person, the public administration and any other authority, association or organism  designated by the owner to the personal data treatment;

THE CONCERNED SUBJECT: the individual person, the legal person, authority or the association which the personal data are referred to;

PERSON IN CHARGE: the individual person authorized from owner or from a responsible to perform processing operations;

DOMAIN OF the domain, reachable through world wide web internet service, at, constituted by data, applications, technologic resources, human resources, organizing rules and by procedures scheduled for the acquisition, storage, processing, exchange, finding and broadcasting of information;

COLLECTION POINTS: areas within domain in charge to collect personal data.


  1. I.                   NATURE OF PERSONAL DATA
  2. A) might be subjected of processing following personal data:


Family name / Surname








E-mail address

Telephone Number

Mobile phone Number

Zip code

Fax number


The optional, explicit and volunteer of email  sending towards email addresses quoted in this web site shall imply the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s email, necessary in order to reply to the requests, as well as eventual other personal data included in the message. Specific synthesis informative  shall be progressively reported or visualized into the arranged web site  for particular requested services.

In any case – where provided by law – each time you will be requested to give your consent of  treatment your personal data reported into the application forms offered into the portal.

  1. B) IP addresses are included  among requested data, the domain name of the pc used by the user connecting to the web site, addresses in marking URI (UNIFORM RESOURCE IDENTIFIER)of requested resources, time of request, the used method to subject the request to the server, the dimension of the file obtained for the answer, the numeric code reporting the state of the answer given by the server ( successful, error, etc..) and other parameters relative to the operative system and the computing environment utilized by the user, automatically registered from protection  and control logistic devices  of the access to the domain (log files). Those personal data shall be exclusively used and treated for control purposes of the net traffic net towards the domain  Those information are collected not for the purpose to be associated to identified individuals, but due to their  own nature, through processing and association with other data obtained from third parties, allow to identify users.

These data are used for the very necessary time and for the only aim to extract anonymous statistic information  on the usage of the web site and in order to control the correct functioning and will be immediately erased after processing. Data could be used for the responsibility control in case of hypothetical cybercrime against our web site.


  1. C) Moreover, Incanto Verde carries out the treatment in an anonymous way and analysis procedures of relative data referred to the domain visited by you, checked, found through files. By  mean of those technologies (which allow to comprehend your navigation preferences, checking the domain area already previously  visited) Incanto Verde can personalize its own services towards your needs, without effecting non necessary registration.
  2. This web site utilize so called cookies: a cookie is constituted from a series of data that a web site send to the browser. The above mentioned data can also be memorized into the pc through an anonymous tag which identifies the pc but not the user. Some pages of this web site use cookies, sent from Incanto Verde or from third parties, and other technologies  in order to offer a better  web site navigation. It is possible to set the browser in order to receive an advice just before receiving a cookie, giving thus the possibility to accept it or not. It is also possible to completely disable cookies. By disabling cookies some of the web sites might not work correctly.
  1. D) In case in which through domain  the collection of sensible personal data according to art. 4 lett. D of d. lgs. 196/2003, you will be informed  in advance and given an opportunity  to express, according to the law, the relative written consent.


  1. II.                PURPOSES OF THE TREATMENT


II.A)    Personal data will be subjected to treatment, no longer than is necessary, for:

Managing the relationship with Incanto Verde;

Purposes strictly related and instrumental to the management of the said relationship (for example the acquisition  of  pre-contractual info);

Purposes to analyze obtained info in order to promote, through sending of the newsletter from Incanto Verde and/or of promotional info or advertising, of services and/or products of Incanto Verde, or of third parties, reputed from Incanto Verde of its interest, as well as processing from Incanto Verde of direct selling, gambling and opinion polls;

Purposes related to the control of the evolution of the relationship  with the customer and controls of credit risks and fraud connected to services given by Incanto Verde;

Purposes related to legal obligations and to authorities instructions or of vigilance body;

To comply what required by law;

Fulfill specific requirements of the concerned;



III.A)  In relation to listed finality data given by you electronically, through compilation of  provided forms in collecting points present in domain https:  //https:/, shall be object of informatic and paper treatment  and processed from precise informatic procedures with the aim to promote services that Incanto Verde is available to offer you.


III.B) Data treatment will occur so to grant logical and physical safety and confidentiality , and shall occur through  hand, informatic and telematics tools scheduled to memorize, transmit and share same data.


III.C) Treatment logic shall strictly related to the purposes set, particularly your data, qualifying to all scheduled treatments expected from art. 4 letter a) of Code, shall be memorized and/or processed through apposite informatic procedures, and treated:

-          From business units managing the upper listed activities (and relative obligations), or enabled to do those activities necessary to the maintenance and/or execution and/or conclusion of the relationship established with you;

-          From physical or legal individuals which, under contract with Incanto Verde, supply specific processing services or play connected, instrumental or of support activities to the ones of Incanto Verde.


  1. IV.             DATA COMUNICATION

IV.A)  Your data shall or might be transmitted – prior your agreement following legal terms – to third parties, as:

To some unit or enterprises authorized for the fulfillment of their obligation within legal terms;

Individual or legal person which, under contract with Incanto Verde supply specific processing services or relative connected activities, instrumental or of support  to the ones of Incanto Verde.

IV.B) Domain contains some  hyperlinks  connections which do not constitute communication to other domains.

Incanto Verde it is not responsible for eventual invasion of privacy done to his detriment  from other sites.



V.A) provision of data – except from those marked with an asterisk, which whose contribution is required for the purchase perfection of products proposed for sale  through web site - has no mandatory nature, but it is necessary for the correct fulfilments of the obligations.

Data provision has no mandatory nature, but it is necessary for the correct fulfilments of  pre-contractual or contractual obligations and in general in order to fulfil all those requested legal compliances.  The eventual deny to supply one’s personal data, means to allow their treatment or their communication to those at point IV A, shall involve difficulties and / or performance impossibility of contractual relationships  eventually existing between you and our company, as well as the use of our services.



We are also informing you that art. 7,8,9 and 10 OF THE CODE lends to the concerned individuals the exercise of specific rights .

To be precise, you can obtain from Incanto Verde the confirmation of the existence or not of personal data concerning you, and their communication in an intelligible form.

You can also require to be acknowledged the origin of data, as well as the logic and the finality on which the treatment is based; you can obtain – where permitted by law – the data deletion, the transformation into an anonymous form or the block of the processed data in violation of the law; as well as the updating, the adjustment or, in case of interest, the integration of data. In the end, you might also oppose to the treatment of the personal data concerning you for the sending of advertising material, or for direct selling or for the direct fulfillment of market searches or of commercial communications.


  1. VII.          SUBJECT HOLDER

The owner of the treatment of the personal data referred to identified or identifiable individuals which have consulted our web site is Incanto Verde di Anna Polci, based in Via Ponte di Pietra 3 – 31035 Crocetta del Montello (TV) – Italy

The list of external subjects responsible for particulars treatments will be kept updated and will be send to you on request. It will also be available at Incanto Verde offices.



In relation to the informative, which I declare I have read and understood ,

I am in agreement with what provided from art. 23 of Code to the treatment of my personal data from Incanto Verde for all the described purposes, included the promotional  or advertising information, also telematics, of  goods and services from Incanto Verde considered as interesting from the customer;

I am in agreement with the communication and with the sending of same data to subjects being part of categories listed in point IV A), also by engaging  myself  to communicate to Incanto Verde the updating of those data subject to changes or adjustments in time.


(within the reserved area, previous authentication of the user): I am in agreement with what provided from art. 23 of Code to the treatment of my sensible data.


  1. IX.             WITHDRAWAL OF CONSENT

It is recognized at all times the right to withdraw the consent of the treatment of the personal data through the activation of the WITHDRAWAL procedure.


  1. X.                RESPONSIBLE

This web site is managed by Incanto Verde of Anna Polci, owner of the treatment, based in Via Ponte di Pietra 3 – 31035 Crocetta del Montello (TV) – Italy



In case of questions or in case you need to have more info on your personal data treatment, in other words to exercise the rights as per point n. IV, you can send an e-mail to the Incanto Verde  administrator, by writing at     You can contact us at same address also in order to have some answers relatively the management of the information from Incanto Verde.

Before Incanto Verde shall supply you or modify any of the information, it might be necessary to verify your identity and answer to some questions. A reply for our part will be given as soon as possible.  In case you have some questions on the web sites privacy info, please contact directly Incanto Verde.