Incanto verde grants  that all delivered products  are corresponding to those indicated and described in the web site  and grants the respect of all rules relative to the product conservation until the delivery moment of  the products to the place quoted in the order. Sold products are under producer’s liability.  In case of packaged products the producer is also responsible for the truthfulness and completeness of indications reported on the packaging. Images present on web site are proposed to the customer in order to facilitate product recognizing; owing to variations in the packaging from the producers, the pictures might not exactly represent the delivered product aspect. As expected  from the Consumer Code D.LGS 206/05 (Ex Right of Withdrawal) customers of Incanto Verde enjoy the warranty  “ satisfied or  payback “ with the possibility to return purchased products  within 10 business day from receipt date, except in case of products which cannot be returned.


It is  asked to send a letter or an e-mail to Incanto verde within 10 days from the product receipt. Into the communication the customer has to indicate the product or the products for which he wants to exert the withdrawal right.  The customer will provide, at his own expense,  to the shipment of the product or of the products according to modalities and terms which will be previously accorded with  Incanto Verde, except from the case in which the customer decides himself to not return what above mentioned. For any communication about complaints the customer can use the following e-mail address: info@incantoverde.net