Incanto verde is a distributor of nutritional supplements and natural cosmetics. Coming from years of experience within the field of distribution and commerce of nutritional supplements, natural cosmetics and essential oils in the Italian market, Incanto verde exclusively proposes to its customers products that meet high quality standards.

We truly believe that the “return to nature” has to be accompanied by proven scientific studies, in which it is possible to find the tested and proved value of plants used: this is the reason why we are offering nutritional supplements and natural cosmetics of sure effectiveness, with a relevant dosage of active principles.

Represented companies from Incanto verde are:


An emotional rendezvous with nature

A natural and environmentally friendly cosmetic line, basically composed of a liquid crystal lamellar structure which is highly conformable to our skin. It improves restoring and maintaining of the cutaneous physiological equilibrium.

Precious products sensibly formulated for a natural equilibrium as the skin requires.