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With AKBA 30. Relief for your joints.

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Active substances: Boswellia serrata dry extract (standardized to 60% in boswellic acids) and AKBA 30-75 mg, Uncaria tomentosa dry extract (standardized to 3% in oxindolic alkaloids) 75 mg.

To know: Reboswin is a natural product made with Boswellia serrata and Uncaria tomentosa, plants well known for their ability to give relief in bone and joint diseases. Thanks to its components, Reboswin owns a marked antioxidant effect to protect and rebalance the tissues. Two rigorous clinical studies show that the intake of natural compounds contained in Reboswin are able to gradually reduce pain in patients with knee joint disorders (Piscoya et al. 2002).

Other uses: to avoid the side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs. Allergies.

Method and time of comsumption: 3 capsules per day for a period of 1-3 months.

Warnings and Precautions: please do not use during pregnancy and lactation.

138 Items

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60 capsules of 340 mg